Utah Rhino Shield Stucco CoatingSouthern and Western Nevada, Utah, and South Western Wyoming — “Never paint again”. Rhino Shield Utah promises the discerning homeowner an environment-friendly, reliable finish to the headaches of having to coat house exteriors every now and then.

Consider that the life expectancy of waterproof paint, plaster, and stucco is 1-5 years. Coats of paint on wood, brick, and aluminum typically last for only 3-5 years. The paint Rhino Shield Utah uses on the other hand, guarantees a maintenance-free 25 years of protection.

Rhino Shield is a home improvement team that deals mainly with restoration jobs involving most home exterior problems such as wood rot and stucco cracks. It offers the solution mainly by applying Rhino Shield’s signature Ceramic Coating, an innovative solution to outdoor repair.

Rhino Shield Coatings are actually very different from traditional paints in that it contains micro particles that evenly bind to and insulate the external “face” of your home. Combined with a technology that resists deep cracks, blistering, and peeling, this non-toxic and non-flammable coating promises a durable, beautiful façade for your house that even ensures a thermostable interior for you and your family.

Centering on giving you satisfaction with the most reliable exterior preservation product available, Rhino Shield Utah renders valuable service that reduces the overall maintenance cost of your home for the next quarter century.

As an expert in the field of house restoration, Rhino Shield makes strategic decisions involving the problems plaguing your property. Rhino Shield is a trusted center for home repair due to its commitment to excellence. The first priority of the company is to foster homeowner-project manager communication, an essential to achieving the best results possible.

The process of restoring your home or even upgrading it to a higher level is tasked to adept technicians familiar with taking the best face of your property out from the honest neglect or the abuse it has suffered from the elements. The team then goes through the difficult and time-consuming task of scrutinizing every inch of your home, spotting stains and other damage with well-trained eyes.

The proven process advocated is as follows. After inspecting the outside of your home, the men and women from Rhino Shield prevent further deterioration by creating trenches at foundation-level and applying Rhino Shield’s own bleed through-resistant bonding agent as a barrier against pesky mold, algae, and mildew. This coat of primer sealer eliminates the possibility of any water damage incurred from soil moisture creeping up your house’s walls.

The team then provides a thorough clean-up of the grime sticking to the outside of your house. The team power-washes the entire surface of your home in order to kill existing microorganisms that prevent the adherence of Rhino Shield products. The experts then fill in and seal cracks and holes while repairing chips, breaks, and stucco areas.

For a proper coating of new paint, the previous one inhabiting the home’s exterior is completely removed by scraping and sanding, giving your house the exhaustive stripping a good restoration service demands. Rhino Shield then fills in any more dents, and caulks window and door areas to prevent damaging liquid water and water vapor from going through. Masks are applied to fixtures and decorations that are left out of the coating process; plants and lawns are carefully monitored to avoid unwanted spray.

The whole surface is prepped and primed with Rhino Shield primer for supporting the top coat. Carefully, the Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is sprayed with a three-coat system, which certifies an even and thick layer over the recently-bared exterior of your home. Rhino Shield Utah then judiciously applies a finishing coat over everything except the masked portions of the facade, taking notice of the details such as awnings and bars. The crew returns everything, except your new house front, to its pristine condition by cleaning up the site after a job well-done.

But it doesn’t stop there. The ultimate step to their successful practice is a final inspection from the wise customer. Anything less than sincere and enthusiastic approval won’t end the group’s wish to redo their labor and fulfill your desire. That’s how exceptional Rhino Shield is.

And under Rhino Shield Utah’s skilled hands, your home would be just as exceptional.

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Utah Rhino Shield Paint and Ceramic Coatings

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