Utah Stucco RepairStucco is the most common finishing outer coat of buildings and one of the most versatile exterior coats in the housing industry. Once in a while, however, cracks and holes do invade this material, and the homeowner is in need of Utah stucco repair. For households with a damaged stucco finish, Utah stucco repair services are commonly within easy reach.

Not all house owners know exactly what stucco is made of, and some make the correct assumptions that it is plaster. Stucco used by most builders is commonly a mixture of sand and cement, with a 3:1 ratio. This preparation is added to water for easy application as a thick liquid. One coat of this plaster is usually not enough to yield a tough exterior to a home, but two to three applications are standard.

Stucco or Portland cement is coated to the exterior of residential and commercial properties due to its durability and ability to allow air in. It serves as a wonderful finishing material to masonry since it can be applied to any curved or flat surface, it keeps water out of the interiors, and it retains color. Stucco exteriors also resist fire, impact, and fungal growth. However, over time, stucco finishes may crack, and the beautiful appearance of the building is damaged.

When stucco is damaged, the cause is usually attributed to direct, human intervention; at times, to the elements. Stucco cracks when heavy additions or items are placed on its surface without proper support and planning. The finish may also harbour unwanted algae and stains when water is allowed to gather around the foundation.

Utah stucco repair has become widespread ever since the introduction of relatively new, low-cost construction resulting in one-coat Portland cement exteriors found in houses now constantly in need of repair. Such failures in stucco systems are due mainly to the large amount of moisture retained by the single coat of stucco plastered by builders with poor workmanship.

The fact that houses in Utah are subjected to unique weather conditions poses a problem for stucco installation. Three-coat applications of stucco in this county are not very effective since moist, warm air is almost always followed by low temperatures. Such a situation reverses the tolerance of stucco for water and instead saturates, swells, and cracks it.

Thus lots of homes with stucco exteriors get damaged, and with the previous economic difficulty, it is much more prudent to repair or re-stucco any existing crack and rot, rather than tear the entire structure down. That is why stucco repair has become more popular in Utah.

Stucco crack repair involves skill in locating and replacing the areas subjected to wear. Since houses with stucco finishes usually don’t have the exact same texture, a discerning eye is needed to very well mix the appropriate constituents of the stucco made to resemble the original plaster.

Filling cracks and repairing damaged stucco cost more dimes for every square foot, but it is very rare for a homeowner to re-stucco every surface of the house. The cost may include restoring any framing problems due to water leakage, if you are lucky enough to find a contractor which offers such a package. Stucco repair costs average $9 per square foot, while installation is commonly in the range of $6-$9 per SF.

Depending on complexity of the job, the season, and the economy, estimated prices of stucco repair vary, and Utah stucco repair isn’t any different.

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