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Rhino Shield UtahThe rhino is a brutally tough animal. It has to survive the harsh wilderness with an extremely thick skin which also serves as protection from larger jungle predators. To people with impressive houses, however, the rhino’s armor is just as important against the predatory heat and cold — through its protective thickness channeled into the Utah Rhino Shield Paint.

Ordinary houses are subjected to the humbling passage of time. Along with time comes floods, frost, and unbearable heat; along with time, molds, mildews, and algae multiply. Thus, as a house ages, it ages in the normal manner: with deterioration in its path.

Under common circumstances, there is no way to halt the passage of time. But, as is with us humans, there is a way to stop the ageing, especially of one as immobile and solitary as a house. This is where the Rhino coatings come in.

Rhino Shield Paint is a tried-and-tested product of science and materials engineering. It takes the flexibility of acrylic with the toughness of urethane, and combines it with the durability of ceramic. What results is a rhino coating which not only binds exceedingly well to the substrate, but also lasts without breakage for up to 25 years.

The technology behind the Rhino Shield Paint is a well-guarded secret, but the outcome is green. The eco-friendly material is approved for disposing in solid waste landfills, and has a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content, making it safe to use with the bare hands. There is no odor, no toxicity, and no tendency to burst into flames under high heat. It is thermostable, and reflects 90% of the sun’s rays, fostering a cool environment during dry, arid conditions; its vapor permeability index allows some moisture to penetrate without doing considerable damage; and it acts as an insulation material to keep in heat during the cold, winter months.

Applying Rhino Shield takes the expertise of a crew of professionals. The task of handling the years of research and development in a gallon of Rhino Shield is duly entrusted to contractors that are well-equipped with the ins and outs of reviving a home. The experience, quality, and intensive labor of Rhino Shield’s service to your home is fitting to the high value you put on the lifetime investment that is your house.

Restoring the appearance of your property to the beauty it naturally possessed requires time and effort, and Rhino Shield promises to do the job excellently. They cautiously power-wash, fill, mask, scrape, and sand the outside of your house until all the previous paint has been stripped, afterwards bringing out the splendor of your home with caulking and spraying their unique primer and  Rhino Shield Paint. The people from the Rhino Shield crew then dispose of their waste, and clean up after themselves to restore your front lawn’s original form.

The best thing: Utah Rhino Shield Paint dealers and contractors end the work with a satisfied nod from their customers, as they won’t go away if they don’t get a seal of approval.

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Utah Rhino Shield Paint and Ceramic Coatings

You don’t just buy quality anywhere, as the availability of Utah Rhino Shield paint suggests. One way to access this green, money-saving material is to contact Rhino Shield Utah rhino paint dealers.

For those living in Utah who have a stable income and are planning to invest and stay in a single, worn-out house for more than ten years, it’s gonna be tough.  Trying to live through the heat and cold with a home that’s got a weak and weather-beaten exterior will suck out your salary with all the maintenance costs, if you aren’t careful.

One measure to think about is how you are to begin filling in the cracks and hiding the paint peels your home has already got, without meaning to incur more expenses in the future. In other words, how do you get rid of the damage, but prevent it from happening again?

Rhino Shield Coatings Word’s been out about the real deal on restoring your house by yourself. There’s a do-this, do-that approach popularized by the occasionally helpful Internet. But where does that get you? Mostly a whole lot of confusion as to what siding to consider or what paint job goes best. Most if it’s mishmash that any decent paint contractor can beat.

And in the end are you really going through the trouble of comparing prices, stocking up on gallons of paint, spending on equipment, and breaking your back on re-conditioning those hardwood walls? REALLY?

The interest nowadays on exterior house jobs is on whether a permanent coating is better than a traditional paint job, or is it just a tad bit unnecessary in the long run. The argument heats up with the rhino paint, a new kind of wall coating that’s been reported to have actual benefits.

Rhino paint isn’t made of the rhinoceros animal or any of it; it is just the nickname of the Rhino Shield, a paint that’s more of a ceramic coating which lasts a really long time. The company that manufactures it says that it is a non-flammable, non-toxic acrylic-urethane mixture with microscopic beads of ceramic. This isn’t so bad, considering that other paints that are particularly low on quality require gloves and safety masks to use, and an unacceptably long time to wait for sticking to the walls.

Another plus quality claimed by the product is that it’s vapor permeable. Yet that’s a little bit questionable since lots of people claim the coats are actually ten times as thick as traditional paint. But so far there have been little or no complaint.

What probably made this item so popular is its 25-year guarantee of not chipping, cracking, or bowing down to mildew, which certainly saves you the dollars in repair every five years.

Unfortunately, Utah rhino paint isn’t available anywhere but in Salt Lake City and Saint George, where the dealerships are. That’s right, rhino paint is not commercially available in stores; you have to hire honestly qualified people to get the job of restoring your house, in order for you to test Rhino Shield yourself.

On the other hand, trying to experience the Utah Rhino Shield paint while giving more people income, is actually kind of neat.

Rhino Shield Utah|Excellent Service Guaranteed

Utah Rhino Shield Stucco CoatingSouthern and Western Nevada, Utah, and South Western Wyoming — “Never paint again”. Rhino Shield Utah promises the discerning homeowner an environment-friendly, reliable finish to the headaches of having to coat house exteriors every now and then.

Consider that the life expectancy of waterproof paint, plaster, and stucco is 1-5 years. Coats of paint on wood, brick, and aluminum typically last for only 3-5 years. The paint Rhino Shield Utah uses on the other hand, guarantees a maintenance-free 25 years of protection.

Rhino Shield is a home improvement team that deals mainly with restoration jobs involving most home exterior problems such as wood rot and stucco cracks. It offers the solution mainly by applying Rhino Shield’s signature Ceramic Coating, an innovative solution to outdoor repair.

Rhino Shield Coatings are actually very different from traditional paints in that it contains micro particles that evenly bind to and insulate the external “face” of your home. Combined with a technology that resists deep cracks, blistering, and peeling, this non-toxic and non-flammable coating promises a durable, beautiful façade for your house that even ensures a thermostable interior for you and your family.

Centering on giving you satisfaction with the most reliable exterior preservation product available, Rhino Shield Utah renders valuable service that reduces the overall maintenance cost of your home for the next quarter century.

As an expert in the field of house restoration, Rhino Shield makes strategic decisions involving the problems plaguing your property. Rhino Shield is a trusted center for home repair due to its commitment to excellence. The first priority of the company is to foster homeowner-project manager communication, an essential to achieving the best results possible.

The process of restoring your home or even upgrading it to a higher level is tasked to adept technicians familiar with taking the best face of your property out from the honest neglect or the abuse it has suffered from the elements. The team then goes through the difficult and time-consuming task of scrutinizing every inch of your home, spotting stains and other damage with well-trained eyes.

The proven process advocated is as follows. After inspecting the outside of your home, the men and women from Rhino Shield prevent further deterioration by creating trenches at foundation-level and applying Rhino Shield’s own bleed through-resistant bonding agent as a barrier against pesky mold, algae, and mildew. This coat of primer sealer eliminates the possibility of any water damage incurred from soil moisture creeping up your house’s walls.

The team then provides a thorough clean-up of the grime sticking to the outside of your house. The team power-washes the entire surface of your home in order to kill existing microorganisms that prevent the adherence of Rhino Shield products. The experts then fill in and seal cracks and holes while repairing chips, breaks, and stucco areas.

For a proper coating of new paint, the previous one inhabiting the home’s exterior is completely removed by scraping and sanding, giving your house the exhaustive stripping a good restoration service demands. Rhino Shield then fills in any more dents, and caulks window and door areas to prevent damaging liquid water and water vapor from going through. Masks are applied to fixtures and decorations that are left out of the coating process; plants and lawns are carefully monitored to avoid unwanted spray.

The whole surface is prepped and primed with Rhino Shield primer for supporting the top coat. Carefully, the Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating is sprayed with a three-coat system, which certifies an even and thick layer over the recently-bared exterior of your home. Rhino Shield Utah then judiciously applies a finishing coat over everything except the masked portions of the facade, taking notice of the details such as awnings and bars. The crew returns everything, except your new house front, to its pristine condition by cleaning up the site after a job well-done.

But it doesn’t stop there. The ultimate step to their successful practice is a final inspection from the wise customer. Anything less than sincere and enthusiastic approval won’t end the group’s wish to redo their labor and fulfill your desire. That’s how exceptional Rhino Shield is.

And under Rhino Shield Utah’s skilled hands, your home would be just as exceptional.

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