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Are we a Utah Painting Contractor? No, we are a Utah Home Improvement Specialist!

Are you planning on building a new home, repainting, putting on hardy board, stucco or repairing the exterior of the home of commercial property? If you are, you going to be very interested and fascinated in a product called Rhino Shield for the home improvement venue.

It goes on like paint but last a whole lot longer, in fact it’s guaranteed 25 years not to crack, chip, mold or mildew! Plus it reflects 90 percent of the suns rays which means it keeps heat out during the summer and in during winter while allowing your home to breath. If you know anything about construction you know that’s a very good thing. So, if you never want to paint or put up with maintaining the exterior of your property again, then keep reading!

Rhino Shield is a ceramic coating, unlike paint which is made up of mostly clay and water. Designing and testing of Rhino Shield is an ongoing process and we are very proud of our proven results. We have thousands of happy customers in every state in the country and have the testimonials to prove it.

Rhino Shield Testimonials

Utah Rhino Shield Procedures

You will appreciate how we go about working on your project. We have found the more open the communication is between our customers and our professional project managers the better. When we know exactly what you want and are expecting the project process is smooth and a beautiful job is the result. We have a time tested procedure we follow and it works beautifully every time!

  • Inspection, We Look At Everything!
  • We Trench Around the Property, Mold and Mildew Gone Forever!
  • Power Washing Comes Next, A Clean Service Is A Must!
  • Next We Patch and Repair With A Fine Tooth Comb!
  • The Fun Part, Sanding and Scraping!
  • We Seal and Caulk Where Necessary To Prevent Any Unwanted Moisture!
  • Masking With Care Is Next!
  • Were Getting There, Now We Apply the Adhesive Primer/Sealer!
  • The Fun Part, We Apply the Ceramic Coating!
  • Now A Detailed Touch-up!
  • Our Jobs Are Cleaner Then When We Arrive!
  • To Finish Up A Through Final Inspection To Your Satisfaction!

Another Rhino Shield Testimonial:

We Specialize in some areas that will preserve your home for a long time to come. If you have exterior home repairs such as:
  • Cracks appearing in your stucco
  • Any wood rot problems
  • Peeling paint
  • Hardy board problems
  • 99 percent of the problems with the exterior of your home can be solved

Rhino Shield Utah stands behind and offers a 25 YEAR guarantee!


Utah Rhino Shield 100 % Guarantee!

Rhino Shield Guarantee

Here is a couple of before and after pictures:

Rhino Shield Coating Before and After

With the Spring rush upon us, it’s time to get on our list for this season. We offer an in-home, no obligation demonstration when we give you the bid. Make sure to call us now to insure your spot on this seasons job list. We service all of Utah, Southern and Western Nevada (Las Vegas) and South Western Wyoming!

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